"Maya Stovall is a choreographer, not an urban planner. But as a dancer and a fourth generation Detroiter she's particularly sensitive to the movements of her neighborhood." 

DIY Live-Work Spaces in Detroit

"On November 1, 2011, Steve Fenberg stood at the front of a bus full of campaign volunteers and got ready to deliver some bad news."

These 20-Somethings Beat a Huge Energy Corporation And Took Control of the Power Grid

"Pop is 87 and he's losing his words. We’re sitting at his kitchen table, eating bowls of corn flakes with sliced bananas. Mid-story he stops. He wants to say automobile, but can’t remember what it’s called. That machine, he says, whatever the hell it is. His chin lifts towards the driveway, as if to say, You know what I mean. And he’s right. We usually do."

What My Grandparents Taught Me About Love

"Everything either shields us or humbles us
into our own eventual
leaving. Every structure
is a structure because of
it's way in and way out."

Inside/Outside: A Collaborative Poetry Narrative with Marisa Ayala

"It's a funny thing: our ability to hold people and to let them go, to grow wider than we think we can bear in the process."

Home Is Where the Heart Is

"Fighting for justice is difficult without the dignity that comes from being able to meet basic needs. And that ability, Umoja residents and organizers believe, is rooted in land and in community."

It Took a Village